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BOOKCHAT is a publishing company created by innovative minds from Korea, France, Hungary, Jamaica, Canada, Cuba, Ghana and the United States. Our ultimate goal is to help second language learners experience the pure joy of becoming fluent speakers in whatever language they choose to learn. We do this in the most effective and efficient way we know how—through reading entertaining stories, not academic textbooks.

Our 32-book series is offered in English, Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish and is for learners of all ages. These books will not only help learners acquire the languages in a natural way—similar to how we learned our native languages—but will also walk learners through an enjoyable journey of interesting stories featuring unforgettable lessons for children and adults alike.

BOOKCHAT is for everyone learning and working around the globe.

The World Awaits!


  • Enjoy.
  • Be a reader.
  • Focus on the output.
  • Be generous to yourself.
  • Be an independent learner.
  • Remember how you have acquired your native language.
  • Remember that a language is a means not a goal.





The most special feature of the books is the DIY zone which can be used by learners to recreate their own stories. This unique part of the book does not only stimulate curiosity, but makes it much more interesting for language learners. Having the books in 4 different levels has made it easier for learners to approach reading books in a mannerly fashion which will definitely be an effective teaching tool in a classroom setting. The workbooks have been developed in such a way to boost students reading ability, and they will also be an essential guideline for educators teaching through storybooks. Personally, the true stories in the BOOKCHAT series contain the author’s philosophy and positive outlook on life which leave touching messages for our readers.

Two thumbs up!

I expect to see these books loved and cherished by young readers all over the world.

Marie Chung, Academic Director, Sullivan School, Vice-president of Korean Association of Foreign Language Academies

The advantages of using BOOKCHAT

  1. 1. Many novel topics in the series increases motivation among students.
  2. 2. Being exposed to simple but useful expressions will help children to acquire the language in a natural way.
  3. 3. Everyday expressions and topics will help students to learn practical Chinese which can be applied in everyday situations.
Hwang Hu Nam, PhD, Chinese Education, Foreign Language University, Korea

Learning Chinese using the storybooks has made me able to read a lot of Chinese characters without having to memorize them.

The stories are easy and fun to read which helped me to fully understand the books. Studying Chinese for a year has not only improved my reading skills, but also speaking skills which make learning a language much more interesting.

Sarah Han, 7th Grader

Learning Korean from the books has been so much fun. Six months after starting them, I’m amazed at how much I can now speak in Korean.

Children learn a language at a young age through reading stories. Learning with BOOKCHAT storybooks make me feel like I’m learning the language in a natural way. I’ve especially enjoyed how some of the books have leant themselves to hands-on lessons like making apple cinnamon pancakes together in Korean.

Hayley Spencer, ESL Teacher

bookchat logoSARAH AND HER TEAM

Sarah Bak has lived in three different countries: Ghana, Canada and Korea. She has friends all over the world.

She has been teaching for over two decades, and has put all of her experience as a teacher and a writer into the creation of a unique reading program with the help of her professor, Andrew Allen as well as her colleagues and friends. BOOKCHAT aims to help students learn a language in a most entrancing yet most effective way.

The key element to the success of BOOKCHAT lies in building students’ confidence. Sarah and her team truly believe that every student has the potential to outgrow their wildest dreams to be the best they can be, if only they are motivated to believe in themselves.

She has been running a language academy in one of the most competitive districts in Seoul, Korea for almost 20 years. BOOKCHAT’s goal is to stray away from a conservative education system, and accompany our students on their journey to a much more exciting world of their own.

BOOKCHAT is the work of all the former and present teachers, students and parents of her academy, who believe in the program and have helped to develop THE BEST program for students worldwide.


bookchat logoSARAH's CV

  • 2024 — Seoul International Book Fair
  • 2024 — Published Patra with Peter Manful
  • 2024 — Published Ella in Jeju, Sooin in Jeju
  • 2024 — Bologna Children’s Book Fair
  • 2024 — Online Chinese Program for UT students
  • 2023 — Published English and Chinese BOOKCHAT workbooks
  • 2023 — Published BOOKCHAT Series in Japanese
  • 2023 — Launched Reading and Writing Camp for Children in Jeju
  • 2023 — Published Insects, Insects, Insects with Leo Kim
  • 2023 — Seoul International Book Fair
  • 2019 — Seoul International Book Fair
  • 2019 — Frankfurt International Book Fair
  • 2018 — Launched Adult English/Chinese Program
  • 2018 — Launched Adult Korean Program for Foreigners in Korea
  • 2018 — Wrote and Published The Original 32-Book BOOKCHAT Series
  • 2015 — Developed SEA Chinese Program
  • 2014 — Launched BOOKCHAT Online Language Program and BOOKCHAT Publishing Company
  • 2001 — Co-Founded SEA (Sage English Academy, formerly Sarah's English Academy)
  • 1999 — York University Teachers’ College • Member of Ontario Teachers’ College • Teacher, Toronto District School Board
  • 1997 — McGill University Psychology, Linguistics

bookchat logoOUR TEAM


Sarah Bak, Toke Orsolya, Jeannie Jang, Sarahbak Dzandu


Jina Yoo, Jeannie Shin, David Bevilacqua, Julie Chang, Melissa Radomsky, Zhao Jing, Jin Bak, Juyoung Ahn


Hwang Hoo Nam, Ileana Rodriguez, Eun Jik Lee, Kyungah Gresillon


David Bevilacqua, Zhang Quan, Jeremy Kwon, Ileana Rodriguez, Nina Gresillon, Tino Gresillon


Laura Mathez, Chanju Jeong, Kiyoung Lee, Jia Lee


Ji Yeon Woo, Yaxi Ju, Hannah Lee, Dong Gi Lee

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Jin Bak, Nou Khan, Vivian Chen, Emma Amey Grace, Adam Ahyoung Kim, Gina Baek, Sunny Joo, Jeannie Shin, Dana Every, Steve Eggleston, Paul Ravenscroft, Donald Keddie, Curtis Wade III, Jillian Jankowski Wade, Sam Rawdon, Karen Louise Kim, David Loebe, Heather Marie, Maggie Duvall, Skye Wallden, Michael Wallden, Steve David, Hayley Spencer, Michael Spencer, Maritta Janice Hyvonen, Joanne Bell, Julie Jang, Jeannie Jang, Emily Golden, Ria Edens, Scott William John, Rhys Williams, Cliff Boyd, Kevin Sansbury, Brendan De Souza, David Bevilacqua, Jordan Wheeler, Victoria Hines, Sean O'Neill, Jessica Mckay, Nicole Rippel, Rebecca Lipkowitz, Meredith Keller, Matthew Barrowman, Chris Juergens, Lucy Hilarides, Erin Magee, Lauren Bowen Colton, Levi Colton, Jessica Burdette, Sarah Ferguson, Joanne Lee, Yuwen Weilin, Zhaojing, Jin Seong Bak, Gina Baek, Beamy Shin, Julia Gavin, Alan Van Vlack, Robert Charbonneau, Michael Flanagan, Michael Carter, Brittany Boggs, Jonathan Bassett, Peter Simms, Chris Binder, Jayne Crawford, Amal Mohamed, Andria Bennett, Jonathan Boehm, Kimmy Byrne, Simon Glover